Sponsoring & partners

Our enthusiasm for fast bikes makes us the perfect partner for sportsmen and women who test their bike to the limits. For this reason we support a number of teams with passion - and of course with our 105 chain fluid.


Bavarian Mountainbike Squad

The Bavarian mountainbike squad has built on innotech products for a few years already. Due to the good experiences in the MTB section other events, such as street, track and BMX also decided to use innotech products for their servicing.

The Bavarian bikers, winning a number of medals at German championchips as well as at the UEC European Youth MTB Championships, have been successful among participants. In 2013 they positioned the European champion of U15 and in 2014 they all together won 5 medals at the German XC championchips!


YOU + BERSCH = 100% Custom made

What seperates a real BERSCH from the rest, resp. from "ready-made bikes" is, that everyone is an individual item. Not only the variety in choosing frame-, design- colour- and of course components contrasts BERSCH strongly from other brands, but also the perfect customisation according to YOUR body and usage requirements. More individuality is impossible!
Website: www.bersch-bikes.de

Bayerwald Bike

Guided MTB-Tours and technical training!

Our partner in the Bavarian forest realized the pulse of time: adventures are about to happen in the open counrtyside. "Get yourself out" is the name of the game!

Skilled guides with years of experience show you sophisticated routes, which cannot be found in guidebooks. You can expect top mountainbiking with a maximum of riding enjoyment apart from the masses combined with a great experience of nature, adventure and having fun in a like-minded group. Website: www.bayerwald-bike.de

Bike Friends Schon

Cycling & Holidays in Mallorca

No other island's infrastructure is more perfect for cycling than Mallorca's. Therefore many European top-teams practise there in winter and springtime to prepare for the upcoming season, as a wide network of side and mountain roads crosses the island. 

On top you have the unique Majorcan landscape with constant weather conditions. For this experience Bike Friends Schon offer an all in one solution with all services including bike rentals, hotel, flights and transfers. Website: www.bikefriends-schon.de

Biketeam Regensburg e.V.

Only founded in 2009, the cycling club already counts a number of almost 400 members by now. It offers a variety of sports including race cycling, mountainbiking, downhill, running and indoor cycling. Every year the club also organises the "Welt-Kult-Tour", a cycling event with fun and distances for families and ambitious riders!

Website: www.biketeam-regensburg.de


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