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No matter if your bike is a race-, touring-, electro-, city-bike or even one out of the muddy “offroad-familiy”. Every bike needs a little cure once in a while. To get rid of most stubborn dirt and take care of sensitive material at the same time, innobike extended the Bike Cleaner family! The 207 active WASH is a specially mixed and ready to use cleaning solution, which is totally harmless even on delicate surfaces, such as carbon, aluminium, rubber or matt lacquer. Despite the strong cleaning power, the 207 Bike Cleaner active WASH is bio-degradable as well as free of acids and solvents. It has intense oil and grease dissolving power, dries residue-free after use and leaves nothing but streak free shine and agreeable odour - without re-polishing.

207 Bike Cleaner active WASH is either available in a solid 1 litre pump-spray bottle or especially efficient for workshops in a 6 litre canister. The canister is a refill system, including pump-spray and filling-tap.


Properties & Advantages

Removes even stubborn dirt such as mud, oily residues and old resins
Protects delicate surfaces such as carbon, matt lacquer, aluminium, rubber and plastics
Dries residue free after use and gives streak free shine - without repolishing
Bio-degradable - water-based cleaning, without the addition of acids and solvents


Application movie

Step by step instructions...

1. Moisten bike


2. spray Bike Cleaner 207 active WASH extensively on all surfaces


3. Allow to take effect for approx. 2 min. and rinse well with water


4. If necessary treat heavily soiled spots additionally with a sponge
    or a brush


5. Leave the bike to dry or wipe dry with a soft towel






Please note

product must not dry without rinsing
do not use in plain sunlight or on hot surfaces
do not use as a break-cleaner

Ingredients acc. Reg. (EC) No 648/2004

The list below displays ingredients in descending order, with those present in highest quantities coming first:



2. Quaternary ammonium compounds; C12 - 14 alkyl(hydorxyethyl), ethoxylated, clorides

3. C9-C11 PARETH-6




Further information is provided on the website of the European Commission:

ECosIng is the European Commission database for information on cosmetic substances and ingredients

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