The high-tech advantage in winter conditions with rain, snow, ice and salt

Your material will be thankfull...

Many cyclists only feel comfortable when they are challenged by the forces of nature. Under tough conditions chain care also has to be up to speed. This is why we have developed our 107 Xtreme CHAIN-FLUID, which unfolds its full impact under difficult weather conditions.

The product is only used in combination with our 105 High Tech CHAIN-FLUID, seals the chain after application and therefore allows precise switching operations even in the worst weather conditions. The extreme adhesive properties and also the strong corrosion protection of the 107 Xtreme CHAIN-FLUID protects the material from wear even in long rides in the rain. 

Every 200 ml spraycan is equipped with out brush-tip. The "107" is thus very easy to apply and the formation of spray mist is avoided.


Benefits & Advantages

1. Protects from wear, even when de-icing salt is used
Guaranteed trouble-free pedalling during all weathers
3. Enables precision gear changing under extreme conditions
4. Also adheres and protects even in long rides in the rain

Perfect chain care under the most adverse conditions

Application Video

Step-by-Step instructions...


1. Clean the chain with 105 High Tech CHAIN-FLUID


2. Allow to dry for 1 hour

3. Apply 107 Xtreme CHAIN FLUID with the brush-tip to the small rear sprocket of the clean chain

4. Turn the chain one complete chain length freewheeling backwards and spray with 107 Xtreme CHAIN-FLUID

5. Allow 107 Xtreme CHAIN-FLUID to dry for 15 mins.


Please note:

1. 107 Xtreme CHAIN-FLUID should only be applied after riding.

2.  Avoid contact with all kinds of breaks.



Residual lubricant and grease on the wheels can be removed fully, quickly and even without water.

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