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Designed for long-lasting lubrication

The secret behind the properties of the product is a carefully crafted formula consisting of several components. Organic ester-based solventwith a high dissolving capacity are used for cleaning and rust removal. These solvents also ensure penetration into the tightest fits. Gradual evaporation of the solvent components results in a dry, non-sticky lubricating film, nevertheless adhering firmly to the surface. Due to itsgood adhesion, the lubricating film does not sling off, which means that the lubrication effect will be maintained for a long time. This makes it possible to extend the lubrication intervals significantly. The lubricating film which consists of specially developed polymers, withstands evenhigh mechanical stresses and its non-stickiness prevents the deposition of dust and dirt on its surface. Of course, the dense and very well adhering lubricating film also provides very good corrosion protection.

  • Cleans and lubricates effectively and permanently at the same time
  • Removes resin residues
  • Low dust adhesion
  • Protects against corrosion

Ideal application areas

  • Cleans
  • Lubricates
  • Protects


Instructions for use

  • Permanently ans effective lubrication is ensured by a new lubricant combination
  • Low dirt adhesion. A non-abrasive, non-sticky lubricating film prevents excessive soiling inside the chain
  • The Innobike brush attachment provides mechanical support during cleaning and ensures targeted application of the lubricant
  • No spray mist when using the brush
  • Avoid contact with brakes of any kind; possible loss of braking force
  • 106 KETTENFLUID PLUS infiltrates moisture, so the chain can be used immediately after washing the bike

Step-by-step instructions

  • By using the brush attachment, apply 106 KETTENFLUID PLUS to the small sprocket in the rear
  • Turn the pedals backwards in freewheel mode and spray continuously until 106 KETTENFLUID PLUS drips at the large bottom bracket sprocket
  • Allow 4 to 6 hours to take effect. During this time, the cleaner contained in the fluid evaporates and a thin, non-abrasive lubricating film remains on the chain.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What does perfect chain care look like?

Of course, the most important thing is lubrication! When lubricating, you have to take care that there are no foreign particles on the chain, abrasive residues, old ans resinified oil or even environmental contaminants (dust, gravel, fine sand). Therefore, a good and reliable cleaning of the chain is crucial before lubricating!

What happens if I do not clean or just "relubricate" every now and then?

If foreign particles or resinified oil are not removed this will automatically lead to higher friction and thus more wear. In addition, these particles will result in the chain becoming stiff or moving not so smoothly anymore. This, however,  is enormously important for changing gears smoothly.

What is the best way to clean my chain?

Unfortunately, it is not enough to wipe the chain with a cloth before lubricating it, because the friction mainly occurs inside the chain and this is where the dirt is deposited. Not only the chain has to be clean, but also all parts connected with the chain (e. g. sprocket cassettes, pulleys)! This is exactly where the dirt, which was not removed, builds up. Some use special cleaners, a chain cleaning device or even remove the chain / sprockets and put them for example in Diesel. Of course, all of these types of cleaning have their advantages and disadvantages. Our philosophy: cleaning and lubricating in one single step!

106 KETTENFLUID PLUS consists of a solvent combination (active cleansing an in-depth penetration) and our additive, which is homogeneously mixed with the solvent. In its original condition, the additive would be too viscous to penetrate the critical areas of the chain bearings and supply them with lubricant. In addition to its function as a carrier substance, it also serves as a solvent combination for cleaning. It rinses old, resinified substances, dust and dirt and out of the chain. The solvent evaporates leaving behind a thin lubricating film on and in the chain (this is where it belongs).

The extra benefit is the additional lubrication.

Benefits of the innobike brush:

  • Supports the cleaning of chain and sprocket
  • Better targeted spraying
  • Less consumption
  • No spray mist

Due to the solvent in 106 KETTENFLUID PLUS, the brush does not stick or clog and thus always remains clean.

Advantages of the product:

  • No extra cleaner needed
  • ENORMOUS TIME SAVING by cleaning and lubricating in one step
  • With every relubrication, the chain cleans itself automatically
  • Easy cleaning of chain / sprocket/ gear
  • Absorbs significantly less dust and dirt
  • (Long-term) cost savings due to less wear and tear
  • No resinification
  • Solvent does not harm rubber and lacquer

It is difficult to compare 106 KETTENFLUID PLUS with other chain oils, because most users focus on lubrication only. The chain, however, is rarely really clean. In addition, when biking outdoors (whether on or off road), dust and dirt will always stick to the chain. In combination with oil, this will become a "chain killer". We have a different method of lubricating and follow the principle: CLEAN AND LUBRICATE in one step! This increases the consumption rate, but always provides reliable cleaning. This should be taken into account when comparing cost and performance.