105 High Tech KETTENFLUID 105


The 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID works in four excellent ways

The 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID contains extremely penetrating, wash-active substances to get into tightest fits, such as internal chain bearings or drive bushes. The deposited between the rubbing surfaces inside the chain particles are dissolved and rinsed out. Externally, the drive is cleaned of dirt, gumming and other deposits. The cleaning component of the 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID evaporates within 4-6 hours.

  • Cleans with amazing thoroughness
  • Lubricates and lubricates and lubricates
  • Resolves what does not belong to the chain
  • Protects even the weakest link in the chain

105 High Tech KETTENFLUID liquid

Also available as a bottle

105 High Tech KETTENFLUID liquid

Ideal application areas

  • Cleans
  • Lubricates
  • Protects


Application advices

  • Application cycle: 150 - 300 km, depending on the terrain and weather conditions.
  • Application after the ride. Observe exposure time of 4-6 hours. 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID works overnight.
  • By using the brush avoid spraying.
  • Avoid contact with brakes of any kind; Loss of braking force possible.
  • 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID infiltrates moisture so the chain can be used immediately after bike wash

Step-by-step instructions

  • Place 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID with brush attachment on the rear small pinion.
  • Turn the pedals backwards while freewheeling and spray continuously until 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID drips at the large bottom bracket pinion.
  • Allow 4-6 hours to work. During this time, the cleaner contained in the fluid evaporates and a thin, non-abrasive lubricating film remains on the chain.
  • Application with the capillary tube is ideal for all cables and moving parts, as well as the bearings. On the steering, brake and gear cables as well as the bottom bracket and bearings accumulated resin, dirt and heaviness are loosened and removed immediately.

Worth knowing:

  • The use of the brush enhances the penetration and capillary effect. This guarantees significantly higher dirt removal through additional mechanical cleaning. At the same time the occurring spray is minimized.
  • The application with the capillary tube is ideal for all cables and moving parts. In the case of guides, brake and shift cables as well as pedal and roller bearings resinification, dirt and stiffness are immediately remedied and eliminated. For application on the chain we recommend the brush attachment.


"...the creeping is really great..."
Aktiv Radfahren, Rubrik "Test & Technik"

"... HTKF 105 was used in extremely heavy conditions - wet and cold. The athletes and mechanics were amazed at the effect of your product ..."
Peter Ganzenberg, National Association Coach, Bayerischer Radsport-Verband e.V.

"...even after the toughest races, the chain runs silky smooth..."
Team of Berner-Bikes.com

"... Our mechanics were immediately struck by the great breadth of this product ..."
Ralf Stambula, Manager and Athletic Director of "Koga Ladies - Central Rhede Cycling Team"

"...The chain spray was applied over approx. 16,000 km. Particularly noteworthy is the very good cleaning and lubricating effect..."
Cycle Racing Club "RSV Nordhausen e.V."

"...chains have a significantly improved mileage and make switching considerably easier..."
Hessischer Radfahrerverband e.V.

"...chain looks like new from the store after a short time..."
Frank Fischer, Hagen

"...We have the impression that dirt and dust are less adherent than on an oil-lubricated chain..."
Bike & Trekking, Utrecht, Niederlande

"...The effect is maintained for a long time, even under disgusting road salt conditions..."
Ferry Verwijk, Wervershoof, Reader Review at www.bikeandtrekking.nl

"...Injecting, soaking in, wiping - that was enough to make my chain look new...."
Rob Engelhart, Apeldoorn, Reader Review at www.bikeandtrekking.nl

"...I like the product very much, both for my racing bike and for my MTB..."
Jan Konig, Smilde

"...Everything was super smooth. So far my impression is positive."
Rob Bakker, Apeldoorn, Reader Review at www.bikeandtrekking.nl

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What differentiates "105 High Tech KETTENFLUID" from conventional chain lubricants?

"HTKF 105" consists of a combination of a solvent (active cleansing and in-depth penetration) and our HIGH TECH additive which is homogeneously mixed with the solvent. In its original condition the solvent would be too thick to penetrate into critical areas of the chain bearings in order to provide them with lubricant. In addition to its task as the base material it also implements cleaning operations in combination with the solvent. It flushed old, caked substances, dust and dirt and resin residues from and out of the chain. After the residual lubricant has been completely removed a chemical adhesive process takes place, protecting against corrosion even during long rides in the rain. This prevents ageing and resin accumulation on the chain. Ingredients preventing seizure and wear and tear protect micro-welded sections and excessive wear and tear while reducing abrasion under high stresses, for example riding in mountainous terrain.

What problems arise in lubricating chains?

In order to meet the varying and difficult conditions of cycle racing and mountain biking it is essential to maintain and lubricate the chain as carefully as possible in order to achieve positive features such as easy gear changes and pedalling. On the one hand a clean chain is the most important precondition for ensuring that the lubricant adheres to the surface of the chain for all-round protection. At the same time, because there are tiny gaps between the moving parts, an extremely penetrative lubricant is required so that it reaches all the joints, bearings, sprockets and bushings of the chain in order to lubricate and protect them.

What influences chain lubrication?

External influences such as dirt and a dusty environment cause dust particles to stick and cake. The abrasive effect caused by this means a high level of wear and tear. Wet or damp conditions can also lead to the corrosion of the inner bearings and bushes of the chain, which is subjected to greater friction. Lubrication can be negatively affected by resin residues from chain oils and corrosion particles generated during increased friction. Classical lubrication with oil and grease is unable to cope with the above conditions. Their use means that the driver has to work harder, together with high wear and tear and reduced product life for chain and sprockets, while in the long term functions can be impaired. The right product which meets all requirements combined with correct care and application are the essential factors for ensuring long chain life.

What are the criteria for optimum lubrication?

In order to achieve optimum chain lubrication the lubricant has to be able to free the chain from dirt, residues and accumulated resin and remove particles from friction surfaces. In addition the lubricant has to penetrate the tiniest spaces such as the inner bearings, drive bushings and plugs in order to ensure not just surface lubrication but full internal and external lubrication of the chain. This provides good surface adhesion without offering a sticky film which will bind dust and dirt. A permanent film of lubricant helps the chain to resist high mechanical stresses.

What happens if splashes of the product get on carbon?

A few splashes do not bother the carbon! Since our 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID has been designed for the chain, pinion, bottom bracket and all other moving parts of the bike, only these parts will be in contact with the product.
For the frame and all other components we have a Bike Cleaner.
Our 205 Bike Cleaner active FOAM and 207 Bike Cleaner active WASH are also suitable for carbon and rubber.

What does "always apply after the ride" mean?

"Always use after the ride" does not mean that the product must be used after every ride, but not before driving, as our "105" contains a solvent that must evaporate for 4-5 hours before starting to drive.
By specifying the "application cycle: 150-300 km" is meant, how long the lubricant lasts or should be relubricated.

What about the environmental impact of the product?

Basically, no oil, no fluid or similar should get into the groundwater. That's why we recommend using a cardboard box during the application.

Is it possible to retrofit the brush attachment and purchase it without a can?

Of course. You also get the brush separately in our online shop .

Is the product also suitable for use on a motorcycle?

The 105 High Tech KETTENFLUID is ideal for cleaning ALL CHAINS. It is also gentle on all O-rings and X-ring chains. However, since it has a creeping effect and dissolves and removes the dirt as well as the lubrication, then you need a lubricant for the motorcycle, which also has creep properties. That's why we basically offer our 105s at the bike market. We do not recommend using it for the lubrication of the motorized chains as the liability for this is too low.

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