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"...we can confirm the cleaning effect of 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID. After a few revolutions the chain is sparkling clean and caked dirt and old grease has all been removed. One big advantage is that you don’t need the grease remover which is normally required. ... the creep capabilities can therefore be regarded as very good. After approx. 430 km Alpine trekking, some of it in rainy conditions, the chain of our test bike was almost dry and with hardly any traces of dirt. Nor did we find any rust. There was no reduction in function during rain.

Conclusion: a worthwhile investment: also with regard to the savings on chain cleaner the 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID is a very worthwhile investment."

Active cycling column: Test & Technik-komplett

"The 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID product has so far been used on the road in the junior section. The junior section of the Bavarian Cycling Federation participates in all ‘Bundesliga’ races, German one-day races and German and international tours. Racing cyclists in this age group cover between 18,000 - 20,000 km a year. With this extreme strain and under varying weather conditions the running characteristics of a racing bike chain and the gear change possibilities are of course very important. The 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID product was applied under adverse conditions – wet and cold – during the spring races in Belgium and Holland. The racers and mechanics were amazed at the effects of your product. Our mechanics found that if your products were used the racing bike chains lasted longer. Your product 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID fulfils all the requirements of cycle racing."

Peter Ganzenberg, state federation trainer, Bayerischer Radsport-Verband e.V.

"For about 6 months the mechanics of Hessen’s cycling federation constantly applied the 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID for our racing cyclists and all were positively impressed. After only a few applications dirt and grease residues were removed and the protective film prevented any fresh dirt from adhering. This not only reduces work and the cost of care products but the chains treated with the fluid had a significantly improved running performance and facilitated gear changing. Both mechanics and racers therefore benefited and are happy to recommend this top product to all sports cyclists."

Gary Ciesléwicz, Pr & Press Representative for Hessischen Radfahrerverband e.V.

"We are enthusiastic about the 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID. As sponsor to the bike team innotech has a cleaning and maintenance product which meets the needs of a modern cyclo cross team in every respect. The 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID cleans the chain by removing undesired dirt particles and at the same time ensures perfect lubrication. Even after the toughest racing use and rides across sandy terrain the chain runs like a dream. The surface of the components remains effectively protected against dirt and accordingly ensures reliable use in tough cyclo cross operations."


"After a one-year functional and performance test of your 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID we achieved very positive results. The chain spray was used for over 1 year in competition and training under all weather conditions by our Thuringian 'Senioren 4' (senior citizens' Category 4) roadrace champion Rainer Rexroth, who covered approx. 16,000 km, and our school and junior training group. A special mention needs to be given to the excellent cleaning and lubricating properties of your product, which provided smooth gear changes and low-noise chain operation. Until the necessary replacement caused by chain stretch the chains kept their original appearance. An extension of chain run performance was not established, but the chain rings and the sprocket cassette lasted considerably longer, thus contributing to a very positive result."

Head of Press and PR, RSV Nordhausen e.V.

"After approx. 11,000 km so far with the racing bike this year I would like to inform you about my experiences with the 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID. At the start of the season I tested your product on a used chain. The initial pleasure was, however, reduced by an increasingly black and greasy chain. Even after several applications the required effect was not achieved. After that I applied a new chain, after first cleaning it carefully. The gear rollers, sprocket cassette and chain rings were also completely degreased and cleaned. A test was made with a soft cloth which remained white after the individual components were cleaned. After that I followed your instructions and sprayed the chain generously with 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID with the aid of the spray brush. After a further approx. 7,000 km I found the following: The chain, the sprocket cassette, the gear rollers and the chain rings are now very easy to clean and look equally good. Even after a 150 km ride in the rain cleaning is no problem and after only a short time the chain looks brand new again. Gear changing is easy and chain noise is considerably reduced. I can’t judge if chain life is extended  because I always replace chains after 5,000 – 6,000 km. I CAN GIVE YOUR PRODUCT A POSITIVE RATING. However, painstaking cleaning of all components before use is recommended, because too many residues (grease, dirt) can be found in the tiny gapsand prevent the achievement of the desired effect, or the cleaning has to be repeated more frequently, which is expensive."

Frank Fischer, Hagen

"For 3 years we have been using the innotech products with enthusiasm and great satisfaction. Not just daily training and professional preparations but also reliably functioning materials are vital to successful sports cyclists. To ensure this, the firm of innotech offers ideal support with its 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID And 205 BIKE CLEANER products. With the 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID our mechanics were immediately impressed by the wide range of uses which this product offers. Thanks to the outstanding cleaning and low-friction properties you always have the feeling that you’re riding with a new chain. Even under adverse weather conditions the moving parts always function perfectly. The chain no longer attracts and binds dirt, which means that further maintenance is easy. The 205 BIKE CLEANER also simplifies the cleaning of the overall racing bike, because the highly adhesive and intensive foam cleaner dissolves even the most stubborn dirt such as oil, grease and insect remains created by transporting the bikes on the roof of the team vehicle. What is noticeable is the preservative and protective effect on paintwork and carbon. We are impressed by the 105 HIGH TECH CHAIN FLUID and 205 BIKE CLEANER products and recommend their use to all cyclists and bike owners."

Ralf Stambula, Manager and Sports Director of the "Koga Ladies -Central Rhede Cycling Team"?

"I ride an Avaghon 26.0 with a Rohloff hub and Rohloff-Kette. At the moment I travel to work with it, over 150 km a week. The first time I sprayed the chain generously according to instructions, and you really do see that the dirt dissolves. Putting a newspaper on the ground is a good idea, by the way, otherwise the floor will be black. If you let the product take effect and then wipe it with a clean cloth the chain will be clean. This effect is also longlasting, even when the roads are covered in salt and grit. During this period I was able to ride for 2 days (more than 300 km) without re-lubricating. There was no sign of rust, either. One big disadvantage: it’s a spray can. That means too much gets wasted."
Ferry Verwijk, Wervershoof, reader test in

"Spray it on, let it work and wipe it off - that’s all it took and my chain looked as good as new. However, I wasn’t able to get rid of the rusty peaks. During the first ride there was a lot of creaking. After the ride I immediately cleaned the chain with a soap solution and sprayed it with Innotech. The second ride was a lot more demanding. But the creaking noise was gone. When I got home the chain was still perfectly clean. After cleaning I sprayed the chain with Innotech again. My experience was highly positive, although the contents were used up relatively fast. The first time I sprayed the chain generously, according to instructions. However, I was disappointed that it was only enough for three rides under dirty conditions."

Rob Engelhart, Apeldoorn, reader test in

"I’ve been using this product for some time, even before the test. I’m impressed by the product, both for my racing bike and my MTB. With the MTB I remove the surface dirt with a cloth after treating it with the product. With the racing bike it’s normally enough to treat it with the product alone. Gear changes are smooth and without noise such as creaking. In other words the way it should be. I treat my MTB with the product after every ride anyway, while the racing bike is cleaned after every second ride or more often when conditions are wet or dirty. Overall the product performs well, in my opinion."

Jan Koning, Smilde, reader test in

"It was a little crazy to spray my chain so generously because normally I remove any excess lubricant between the chain links with a brush. But the instructions said that this was not necessary. Okay, so I lubricated according to instructions. I even sprayed a little between my pedals because a little dirt and sand had gathered there. After that I hung up the bike and waited for it to dry. The next free Wednesday I had time for a ride on the Zijpenberg. When I took down the bike all the dirt was gone and even my pedals were clean. In addition the chain was clearly covered by a film of lubricant. So, time to get on the saddle. And everything ran like clockwork. So far my impression is positive."

Rob Bakker, Apeldoorn, reader test in

"After the treatment the chain runs smoothly and without noise. We have the impression that dirt and dust stick less than with oil lubrication. We also noticed that the protective film had not disappeared after two rides. All in all: a product we’ll continue to use."

Bike & Trekking, Utrecht, Netherlands


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