About the company

Since 1987 innotech has been developing, producing, and distributing innovative, pioneering products for industry and handcraft to clean, lubricate and maintain production facilities.


On the basis of a synthetic industrial product for lubricating inner bearings innotech developed the product 105 High Tech CHAIN-FLUID for the consumer market.

105 High Tech CHAIN-FLUID cleans the bicycle chain while at the same time lubricating, protecting and maintaining it. These benefits differentiate the product from conventional chain oils.

Besides our "105" further products have been developed, like the 107 Xtreme CHAIN-FLUID. It is made especially for the most adverse weather conditions such as rain, slush, snow and ice. With the Bike Cleaner 205 active FOAM and the Bike Cleaner 207 active WASH our product portfolio also covers professional bike cleaning for every level of dirt.


Finally in 2015 the new brand innobike was established to represent the former innotech products within the bicycle market. With this step we want to create an increased proximity to all customers, adress their needs even more with further innovative products and still keep our quality on the highest level.


Anyway, it will always be one of our goals to keep the maintenance of bicycles as simple and less time-consuming as possible, in spite of perfect results.


innotech Vertriebs GmbH
Junkersstr. 16
D - 93055 Regensburg

phone: +49 (0) 9 41 38 2222 85
fax: +49 (0) 9 41 38 2222 87
mail: info@inno-bike.com

office hours:

Mon to Thurs: 9 - 15 hrs
Fri: 9 - 12 hrs 


Lieber Besucher, wir möchten darüber informieren, dass die Fahrradproduktlinie der Firma innotech seit dem 01.07.2015 den Markennamen innobike trägt.
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Dear visitor, we would like to inform you that the bike product line of the company innotech has changed its name to the new brand called innobike, since July 1st, 2015.
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